Friday, July 24, 2009

Some Hanging Elements

You can see some hanging things on the wooden wall. The wood have some scratches also... The objects also have some deep detailing, like in the corner, in the books, papers etc.

Abandoned Hospital

It's nothing but an Abandoned Hospital... where all the elements are presents still now but no Patients are there...

Men in Work

It's not but a composition of a scene where some one was making the model House by the heli of the Hammer, jaw etc. You can see the the 2d drawing of the House also at the left side of the scene in the white paper...

Rejected House

It is a Rejected House in which the first Sun light is coming in from the broken Window. You can see the Fog out side of the Room. I have take almost 20 Hours for make it. (Modeling, Texturing & Lighting)


This work is done on a imaginary image, that how bad the effect of a cigarette to our nature. It can smashed off our total World. I have just tried to create a 3d image of that Destruction of a town. In this image you can see a whole town smashed by it's bad effect. It had been take almost 8 hours up to Final Output.